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Unlimited Connections, One Place

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At Pay Fusion Solutions, we're committed to revolutionizing the way businesses interact with Payroll, HRIS platforms, and essential third-party vendors.

Unifying Payroll and HRIS Data for Effortless Connections

Pay Fusion Solutions enables UKG and other platform resellers to bill clients up to 16 weeks sooner, minimize manual labor, and become the preferred vendor due to lightning-fast carrier connections.


and Other Platforms



Your data is securely communicated from your solution to third-party vendors of all kinds.

Our Clients

Why companies love Pay Fusion Solutions?

Pay Fusion Solutions has solved a pivotal problem our business had been facing. Our clients were constantly requesting integrations to a litany of different vendors. Not having the development capability to connect with these vendors, we'd often have to say no and risk losing that client. Pay Fusion Solutions allows us to say yes to these requests and deliver value in a timely fashion. This has allowed us to grow our revenue per client while also exceeding our client's expectations. With clients that are always looking to find ways to streamline their business, we can now be the partner to deliver on that desire and avoid losing our clients to large companies with vast developer resources.

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